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Respected Surgeon Commodore (Dr) Subhash Ranjan has graciously collaborated with to help cancer patients especially children and economically needy people. 

Provide free ongoing consultation for children below 10 years of age.

Provide free ongoing consultation for economically needy people (BPL / AAY ration card holder).

Provide free initial consultancy and guidance to cancer patients.




Surgeon Commodore (Dr) Subhash Ranjan 

SRL Diagnostics collaborates with to offer the below discounts to individuals or group for Oncology related tests .

Government govemed Tests: 5% discount.

All other Non-Governed Tests:-15% discount.

In addition to the above they shall provide below "Special Offer" for the family members of patients for Future Blood Tests.. 

FREE home collection.

FREE delivery of reports to senior citizens.

Special Discounts offer on packages. 

Dr. Mehra's Imaging and Diagnostic

Dr.Mehra's Imaging & Diagnostic Centre collaborates with to offer 10% Discount for cancer patients at their Imaging and Diagnostic Centre.

SRL (1).jpg

Dr. Pinakin Patel (Skin and Cosmetic)

Dr.Pinakin Patel (Skin and Cosmetic doctor), collaborates with to provide free skin consulting to patients undergoing cancer treatment.

She has 16 yrs of experience in total. Did her PG DCR from Kalina Bombay College of Pharmacy , Trichology , Cosmetology and Health and Nutrition diploma. At present she is perusing her Masters in Facial Aesthetics.

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